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About Gauchezco Vineyard & Winery

Gauchezco’s main vineyard established in 1881 is historical as the Malbec, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot can be traced back to the original French root-stocks first planted here in Mendoza by Governor Tiburcio Benegas in 1868. The Anesi family long desired, and finally purchased, their ideal vineyard site when they obtained the legendary site that is now the Gauchezco Vineyard. With fierce dedication they continue to make this glorious historic property synonymous with world class wine. Overseeing the property is the team of Enzo Vallin (Vineyard Manger since 1997) and Winemaker Mauricio Vegetti (previously at Pena Flor). As with the dedication to quality grapes at Gauchezco Vineyard others are sourced from the new regions such as high altitude areas of Salta (Cafayate) for our Torrontes and Tupungato-Altamira for Malbec that is blended with Malbec from the Gauchezco Vineyard..................... ~Vines 90 Years.....Wines 90 Points~
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